WordPress move, part 1

It was time. Currently in the process of moving the site from handwritten static pages to WordPress for easier management. Some things, such as the timeline and some of the Javascript games and gizmos, will be offline until I wrestle WordPress into playing nicely with them. Other things, mostly tourguide pages, are just so numerous that I’ve decided to make the move to WP before they’ve been fully copied over, and they’ll get filled back in as I have time. Meanwhile, the old site is still available at https://www.chanvrerie.net/old/index.html.

There will also be a raft of new content to inaugurate the new, improved Carpe Horas. A “further reading” page, a gallery of photos from Digne, additional photos from the other three towns, some new fanfiction, and more translations of the prostitution digression are already up, and further updates will be made with a full list of the new stuff.

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