Accounts of the June 1832 Insurrection

Excerpt of a letter by George Sand
Proto-feminist author and Romantic-Era wild woman George Sand was living in Paris, directly across the river from the morgue, in June 1832. [French | English | Side-by-side]

John Stuart Mill’s June 1832 coverage
From his weekly column in the Examiner. [English]

Charles Jeanne’s letter to his sister
A recently-discovered and incredibly valuable first-person account of the barricades of 5-6 June 1832 by Charles Jeanne, leader and hero of the barricades at Saint-Merry, published with introduction and commentary by Thomas Bouchet under the title À cinq heures nous serons tous morts (At Five O’Clock We’ll All Be Dead). The public-domain portions have been reproduced and translated here, but the full book with commentary is highly recommended for anyone interested in the June 1832 revolt, its historical context, and its connection with Les Misérables.

Alexandre Dumas’ memoirs
Dumas père was a flamboyant personality and active republican. His account of 5-6 June 1832 is in Vol. 6, Book IV, chapters 5-7 of his memoirs. [English: On]

Des Morts
An early poem by Verlaine about the insurgents of June 1832. [French]

Les 5 et 6 juin: Chant funèbre
Published by Hégésippe Moreau on the first anniversary of the insurrection. [French]

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    Hi there. I am doing a project on the June rebellion for History but I need two books and a documentary on the topic? any ideas?

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