Revolutionaries in 1820s-30s France

The Amis du Peuple and France’s Judicial System
From Jill Harsin’s Barricades, detailing the legal persecution of the Amis and several noteworthy trials. [English]

5 and 6 June, 1832
From Harsin, a nice overview of the émeutes of 1832 and their aftermath. [English]

Les Révolutions du XIXe siècle

Hugo based the Société des Amis de l’ABC on a real republican group that existed at roughly the same period, the Société des Amis du Peuple, or Friends of the People. Reproduced below are several articles and pamphlets published by the Society, trial records, and miscellaneous bits and pieces relating to the insurrection of 1832, from a collection of primary sources entitled Les Révolutions du XIXe siècle.

  • A l’opinion publique: Article in defense of the émeutes of June 1831. [French | English | Side-by-side]
  • Lettre d’un étudiant: An anonymous letter from a student in defense of Robespierre, Saint-Just, and the Terror, and in condemnation of the aristocracy. [French | English | Side-by-side]
  • Manifeste de la Société des Amis du Peuple: As the title says, the manifesto of the Society. Contains a detailed explanation of the events of the 1830 revolution and the Amis’ communication with the newly-formed government. [French]
  • La Sociéte des Amis du Peuple à ses concitoyens; suivi du procès-verbal de la séance du 25 septembre 1830: An early Amis du Peuple pamphlet explaining their goals and actions so far, and defending themselves against accusations of causing public disorder. [French]
  • La Pologne est morte; à notre tour!: Article in an October 1831 pamphlet, decrying the suppression of the revolution in Poland. [French | English | Side-by-side]
  • Défense du citoyen Louis-Auguste Blanqui: Republican speech delivered in the guise of a defense, during a mass trial for sedition in early 1832. [French]

Exciting update! The Révolutions du XIXsiècle series itself is public domain and has now been digitized and made available in full on Gallica. Here are all 12 volumes of the 1830-1834 collection in PDF format.

  1. Les Sociétés républicaines 1830-1834
  2. La Société des Amis du Peuple 1830-1832
  3. La Société des Droits de l’Homme 1832-1834
  4. Naissance du mouvement ouvrier 1830-1834
  5. Le mouvement social à Lyon 1830-1834 (1)
  6. Le mouvement social à Lyon 1830-1834 (2)
  7. Écrits de Buonarotti et autres révolutionnaires 1830-1831
  8. Cabet et les publications du Populaire 1831-1834
  9. La propagande républicaine en province 1830-1834
  10. La presse républicaine devant les tribunaux 1831-1834
  11. Les républicains devant les tribunaux 1831-1834
  12. Feuilles populaires et documents divers 1830-1834

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