Paris Gallery – Sites from the Novel

The Site of the Barricade

Javert’s Jump into the Seine

The Café Musain

Rue Plumet

Napoléon’s Elephant

The Jardin du Luxembourg

Marius and Cosette’s Wedding

The Gorbeau Tenement

The Field of the Lark

The Rue de l’Homme-Armé

M. Gillenormand’s Apartment

Marius’ Lodgings with Courfeyrac

Thénardier’s Escape from La Force

Paris Sewer Museum

The Petit-Picpus Convent

The Church of Saint-Jacques-du-Haut-Pas

Les Madelonettes



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  • Marlene says:

    The Couvent Du Petit Picpus mentionned in the book is actually fictional. At the time, there were many covent rue de Picpus, the one you photographed (which is actually right by my house btw) is one of the two remaining, the other one being transformed into a private property. So Hugo got inspired by the street and invented one. The one in the book is the order of benedictines, and this one only used to be catholic. I think. That’s it

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