The Site of the Barricade

Historical Location: At the intersection of the rue de la Chanverrerie (Chanvrerie) and the rue Mondétour

Modern Location: At the intersection of the rue Rambuteau and the rue Mondétour

Metro stop: Les Halles
(NB: Châtelet-Les Halles is huge. I believe it holds the record for the world’s largest underground train station. The rue Rambuteau is right at its northernmost edge, so to avoid emerging half a mile from your destination, find the platform for the Line 4 stop Les Halles (not Châtelet!) and leave from one of the exits on the northeast side–i.e. in the direction of the trains leaving for Porte de Clignancourt.)

Notes: The climax of the novel takes place in the redoubt of the ill-fated barricade in the rue de la Chanvrerie. Hugo describes its precise location amidst the tangle of streets between the Halles and the rue Saint-Denis, but reconstructions in the mid-19th century obliterated the original maze of slums and alleys: the rue de la Chanvrerie was not so much renamed as swallowed up by the rue Rambuteau. Nevertheless, many of the original streets survive–even if Corinthe has been replaced by a lingerie shop. (As of 2010, the lingerie shop has been replaced by a vintage clothing store.)



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