Korean Cast



Release date: 1993
Label: Hang Yang Records
Format: Highlights CD
Availabilty: Out of print; extremely rare.

The Korean production was an unauthorized version of the show which Cameron Mackintosh quickly stomped on and got the cast recording taken off the shelves. A few copies have survived, but know if you stumble across one that it’s not officially sanctioned.

Valjean: Chung Jong Joon, In Tei Seung
Javert: Yang Jei Seung, Kim Seun Dong
Fantine: Yoon Bok Hui, Kim Jeung Sook
Eponine: Kim Bo Na, Park Min Kyoo
Marius: Nam Kyeung Joo, Choi Nak Hui
Cosette: Kim Seun Yeung
Enjolras: Cho Nam Hui, Chung Cheun Mook
Thénardier: Chung Weun Joong, Weun Yoo Seuk
Mme Thénardier: Lee Hyae Jin


The most terrible recording of Les Mis ever, for a single reason: the backings. There’s no orchestra on this version, just these awful MIDI backings that sound like karaoke tracks you’d download off the internet. The singers aren’t as painful to listen to as the backings (though Fantine takes a giant breath in the middle of “shaaaaame”), but god, those tracks are horrible.

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